Iraq and Australia reach the third round of the Asian qualifiers, and Palestine wins over Bangladesh

March 29, 2024
Iraq and Australia reach the third round of the Asian qualifiers, and Palestine wins over Bangladesh

The Iraqi and Australian national teams reached the third round of the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2027 FIFA Asian Cup, after their landslide 5-0 victory over the Philippines and Lebanon, respectively, in the fourth round of the second round. While the Palestinian team renewed its victory over its Bangladeshi counterpart with an unanswered goal, after it had swept it 5-0 in the first leg.

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It rained Iraq national team On Tuesday, it scored five goals against its host, the Philippines, in Manila, in the fourth round of the second round of the double Asian qualifiers for the finals world Cup 2026 and cup Asia 2027 for football.

Iraq, which participated only once in its history in the World Cup in 1986, raised its score to 12 points, strengthening its lead in Group Six, eight points ahead of Iraq. Indonesia Which later visits Vietnam (3), ensuring a third-round berth and qualification to the 2027 Asian Cup.

He scored for the 2007 Asian champion, who renewed its victory over the Philippines (1-0 last Thursday), returning from suspension, Ayman Hussein (14 from a penalty kick, 37), Amir Al-Amari from a powerful shot (30), Zidane Iqbal (62) and Zaid Tahseen from a header. Corner (77).

The Iraqi team besieged the Philippine goal with continuous offensive pressure from the beginning of the match, the source of which was dangerous on Jassim until Ayman Hussein opened the scoring with a penalty kick (14).

The homeowner and the crowd surrendered and the second goal was scored by Al-Amari from a rebound from a defender, which he completed forcefully into the net (30).

Hussein returned to add the third goal for the “Lions of Mesopotamia,” taking advantage of the weak defensive coverage, sending a ground ball to the right of goalkeeper Neil Etheridge (34).

The Iraqis continued to take control in the face of the collapse of their opponent, and Iqbal succeeded in scoring his first international goal and the fourth for his team (63), before defender Zaid Tahsin added his fifth header (77).

Australia sweeps Lebanon by five

In turn, the Australian team clinched its qualification to the third round after sweeping its Lebanese counterpart 5-0 on Tuesday in Canberra, in the fourth round of the second round, while the Palestinian team came some way to catch up with the “Socorros” with its fatal victory over its Bangladeshi host 1-0.

With her victory, she was raised Australia Its balance in the ninth group reached 12 full points, compared to 7 for Palestine, while the balance was frozen Lebanon At two points from four matches, one point ahead of Bangladesh at the bottom of the group.

In the first match, at GIO Stadium and in front of 25,000 spectators, Kosini Yenge (2), Basil Grady (47 fouls against his team), Craig Goodwin (48, 81) and John Iredale (68) scored for the winner.

Lebanon had also lost to Australia 0-2 in Sydney Thursday, while he played Tuesday’s match in the Australian capital “at home” because there is no stadium in Lebanon that matches the specifications and standards of the International and Asian Federations.

Lebanon, which has never qualified for the World Cup in its history, has its last two matches in this round against… Palestine and Bangladesh in June.

Palestine wins over Bangladesh

The Palestinian team renewed its victory over its Bangladeshi counterpart with an unanswered goal, after it had swept them 5-0 in the first leg.

Al-Fedayi’s chances of reaching the third round increased after it achieved its second victory in a row for the first time since March 2023.

Tunisian coach Makram Daboub made three substitutions to his main lineup compared to the previous one, starting with Mohamed Khalil, Mohamed Rashid, and Zaid Al-Qanbar.

The hosts tried to surprise the visitors with a first shot from a free kick via Jamal Bahwiyan, which did not pose a threat to Rami Hamadeh’s goal (30).

In the second half, Al-Dabbagh wasted the most dangerous chances of the match after he dribbled past goalkeeper Marma and shot outside the goal (47), before the Bangladeshi returned and excelled in stopping a powerful header from Al-Dabbagh (57).

The “Fedayeen” completed stoppage time with ten players after Amid Mahajna was sent off with a second yellow card after he attempted to remove a Bengali player from the field (90+2).

Despite the numerical deficiency, Michel “Dado” Milad, the Kuwaiti Al-Kadhma player, was able to snatch the winning goal following a header pass from substitute Islam Al-Batran (90+4).

The top two teams from the nine groups qualify for the third round of the World Cup qualifiers scheduled for… United State Canada and Mexico, and at the same time, these teams reserve their places in the 2027 Asian Cup in Saudi Arabia, knowing that Asia will be represented by eight teams, with the possibility of it rising to nine according to the results of the global playoff.

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