The Olympic flame will be located near the Louvre Museum during the 2024 Games

March 29, 2024
The Olympic flame will be located near the Louvre Museum during the 2024 Games

A source “familiar with the discussions” revealed that during the 2024 Games (July 26 to August 11) in Paris, the Olympic flame will be located in the Tuileries Garden near the famous Louvre Museum. This place is located in the tourist area of ​​the French capital, in the heart of the city, which will provide the public with “easy access.”

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You will be there Olympic torch 2024 During the major international demonstration scheduled from July 26 to August 11 in Paris, near the famous Louvre Museum, specifically in the Tuileries Garden.

A source familiar with the discussions confirmed to the French news agency, who requested anonymity, that the decision to place the Olympic cauldron in the tourist area in the city center was taken “several weeks ago,” and the location was chosen “due to its ease of access by the public.”

He added that the Tuileries Garden “is an area that can be easily secured, as security forces will work around the clock to protect the torch, and the general public will be able to see it thanks to the raised pedestrian walkways around the garden.”

The design of the Tuileries Garden dates back to 1664

The Tuileries Garden was designed in 1664 at the request of the “Sun King” Louis XIV, and is closely associated with the French royal family, as well as the anti-monarchist revolution of 1789.

The Olympic torch relay will begin on April 16 when the flame will be transported from Olympia in Greece and then transported by sea to Marseille in a 19th-century French three-masted long ship called Bellum.

The flame will tour 400 French cities and dozens of tourist attractions during a 12,000-kilometre journey on the mainland and French overseas territories in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

France 24/AFP

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